The adult industry on the Internet is huge, and since the .xxx domains have been released there has never been a better time to build your adult website. The adult industry is very profitable with a 75 billion dollar turnover per year. Rouge web design can help you to take a bite on that gigantic market share with innovative web design and digital marketing services.

Rouge covers all sorts of adult site design

Adult sites are, like other sites, varied by the most popular types being for the design and creation of adults only membership sites, sex toy sites, escort agencies or independent escorts or sites for videos and photos from open minded adults or couples. We have designed all these types of sites before and we are able to design all variations of adult type websites for you.

If you website is of a sexual erotic nature, sex toy site, an escort type site (agency and independent escorts) a website for swingers, a personal adult dating type website or similar then please contact us with your ideas and requirements, you will find us all quite open minded and experienced in this type of website design to ensure that your new adult website design is understood and completed to your exact requirements, as long as the content is 100% legal and tasteful.

Rouge provides full service necessary to launch and maintain an adult website

E-commerce: The main reason and purpose of owning and running an adult website is to make some money. It’s important that your site will have e-commerce functionality built in, meaning the customer will be able to make online payments into your account.

Digital Marketing: We offer a wide range of digital marketing services that help you build your brand. Whether your need SEO, pay per click campaign management, email marketing or social media strategy, we can produce result-oriented solutions that fits your needs.

Content Management: Adult website content is defined as images, text or video that should be viewed by people over the age of 18. We can ensure only members to the site have access to the content. We can also help you to process, optimize and update contents to your site.

Search Engine Optimization: We recommend doing lots of off site search engine optimization once your site is completed due to the competitiveness of the market you are about to enter and we can discuss this once the site is completed or build our site promotion services into your package, we will be considering a Yahoo and/or Google AdWords marketing campaign once we achieve the best position we can in Organic Search

Rouge provides the most economical solution

Like every business the adult industry on the web is there to make money, due to the competitiveness and nature of the material involved in adult websites, you will find that companies offering adult web design and adult web hosting will charge more than for standard sites. Our pricing for any adult web site design we complete is very competitive and we have experiences of all types of adult site design, the cost will be similar to any other of our ‘standard’ web site designs and obviously we keep all your details private and confidential. A 50% deposit is required with all the adult sites we design.